Adding & Editing Currencies

To add new currencies in the system or view/edit existing currencies :

  • Go to Parameters & Lists > Accounts > Currencies in the main menu bar.
  • To view existing currencies, Search for the required currency.
  • To add a new currency, enter up to two letters to represent the currency.
  • Click on the New Button on the Navigation Toolbar or hit return, you will be then be asked Add New Currency? Click on Yes.
  • Enter a full description of the main system operating Currency. For example, if you enter GBP in the Home Currency field, this field will read Pounds Sterling.
  • Short description - Use this field to enter a short description of the currency; you can have up to 20 characters in this field. For example, you can enter a description of Pounds.
  • Symbol enter the symbol that represents the currency. For example, Pounds would get £.
  • Exchange rate - enter the exchange rate between this and your home currency. This will need to updated on a regular basis. Exchange rates can also be added to transactions when they are created.
  • Click the Tick Button to save.

    All decimel places will be defaulted to two.