Account Enquiry - Transaction Details

In the Account Enquiry window, view a transaction in more detail by clicking on the transaction line in the grid and clicking on the Edit Button. Some of the fields will differ depending on whether you are viewing the details of an invoice/credit or receipt/payment transaction. To return to the Main Tab screen. click on the Done button .

Tran. Code
The transaction code number created by the system when this transaction was created. The Go To Button will open the transaction window.

Tran. Date
The date the transaction was created.

Event/Publication Code
The Event/Publication this transaction relates to.

Inv/Crd. Number

This field displays the invoice/credit number.

Contract/Order Number
This field displays the contract/order number this transaction relates to.

Cust. Order Number/Cheque Number

If the transaction was an invoice, any purchase order number given by the customer and entered onto the contract/order will be displayed here. If the transaction was a receipt/payment, this field will show the cheque number of the payment cheque if this method was used.

Sec. Currency

Displays the currency of the transaction and the exchange rate.

Date Due

Displays the date the payment was due.


The payment method of the receipt/payment transaction.


The date the payment cleared.

Transaction Lines

This is a grid of the transaction lines. In the cases of receipts/payments there will be two or more lines, for invoice/credits there will be three or more lines. To view any of these lines in more detail, click on the line and press the Edit button. The tabs will appear.

    1. Transaction Lines Tab - this first time shows the transactions.
    2. Line DetailsTab - the Line Details tab show a description of the Item, or the bank account used and the home/secondary currency values.
    3. Transaction Allocations - this window shows a record of allocations made on that transaction. Upon saving any full/part/auto will create an allocation reference to see what cash payments have been used against invoices.


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