Trial & Draft Runs/ Final Transactions

Trail, draft and final runs are the three options that you are presented with when Invoice Runs are being performed.  Each option has a different use and outcome, so it is important to pick the correct choice.

Trial Run

This option will scan the Order/Contract Lines. It will then report its findings to either Screen or Excel (Excel is best as it contains more detail). The trial run will not actually generate any invoices; it is used to verify the run prior to printing.

You should not move on to the next stage until you are completely happy with the Trial Run Output

If there is anything wrong with the figures then this should be rectified by changing the corresponding order/contract.


Draft Transactions

Ticking this option brings up the Word Icon to merge the information with the invoice document for checking without having to finalise the invoice(s) or could be used to raise a proforma invoice.

If the draft option invoice is run, the system will create the invoice(s) but it will not be finalised (If the Final Transaction box is then ticked after, the system will say there is nothing to invoice as it has already done so) The transaction(s) can be finalised by

  • Ticking the Final Transaction Required box in the transaction window, see Sales Invoice Transactions. This can be done in the cases of individual transactions.
  • To finalise and/or print multiple invoices at the same time, go to the Invoicing Multiple Companies window, enter the required information in the Main Options tab, then in the Advanced Options tab, tick on the Draft Transactions and the Finalise Firsttick boxes.
  • You can then click on the Word Icon to print the invoice.

  • Final Transactions

    This option will generate the invoices within the BusiPro Database and if requested, call the Invoice printing program to print them.

    Once an invoice is generated using this option it cannot be changed or deleted.

    If there is an error on an invoice then this should again be rectified by changing the corresponding order and then re running the invoice for that order/contract producing an Invoice or Credit Note for the difference.



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