Reprinting Invoices/Credit Notes

Invoices and credit notes can be reprinted in the Transaction Printing Window. You can reprint individual or multiple transactions or whole invoice runs.


  • Go To Accounts > Sales Ledger > Sales Transaction Print in the main menu bar.
  • Enter or search for the event/publication code or codes.
  • Enter the transaction from and to dates. These will automatically be defaulted to the current date.
  • You can enter specific transaction codes, invoice/credit numbers or company codes either for individual transactions or by using the From and To fields for a range of these options. Leave these fields blank if you are reprinting a whole invoice run between certain dates.
  • The Invoice, Credit Notes and Print in Foreign Currency? boxes are ticked by default. Untick if you would do not wish to include any of these options.

  • There are several output options available in the Transaction Printing Window. Right click on the Word icon to change this option.


    exports to Word
    exports to Word and prints
    exports to Excel - there is then the option to sort by stock group or nominal code
    sends to print preview
    sends to printer