Invoice Troubleshooting

If you are not able to create an invoice(s) you are expecting then this could be due to one of the following reasons :

You have sufficient accounting rights.
  • Check with your systems administrator, if you have not been given the accounting rights, you will not be able to invoice.

The Accounting period is open
  • Go to Parameters & Lists > Accounting Years and check there is a tick in the Open box of the required period.

Invoice/Credit Suppression has not been activated on the Event/Publication
  • Check in the Event/Publication Set Up - Accounting Tab that there is not invoice suppression ticked.

Invoice/Credit Suppression has been activated on the Order/Contract
  • In the Order/Contract screen check the Payment Terms tab - Page 2.

The status of the order/contract is an invoiceable one
  • In the order/contract screen check the status, if this is an uninvoiceable one change to one that can be invoiced.

The order/contract line is active
  • If the line is not ticked Active, it will be left out any transaction processing.

The order/contract line is ticked manual/ Invoiceable Qty field Zero
  • If the order line has been ticked manual, the Invoicebale Qty will have to be manually changed. If the Invoiceable Qtyis zero, no invoice will be produced. Lines ticked manual do not follow the status of the order/contract.

Final Transaction Print in the Transaction Printing window says 'Nothing to Invoice'.

  • Check a draft or final run has not already been done, the system will have created the invoices. They can be finalised and/or printed in the Sales Transaction window.

An invoice has been generated already

  • Check the order/contract Invoice Lines that an invoice has not been created by the system already. To check whether the invoice is a draft or final transaction, go into one of the transactions in the Accounts > Sales Ledger > Sales Invoices, in the Transaction Communication tab will show how many times a draft and final has been printed. If a draft run has been done, the Sales Transaction window can be used to finalise and/or reprint the invoice.
The line has a value (or zero value invoice option is set)
  • Unless specified in the system, zero value invoices will not be produced, to enable zero value invoices go to Parameters & Lists > Marketing Database > Main Parameters in the main menu bar. In the Systems Parameters tab, add the line INVZERO = YES to the list of additional parameters.

There is an invoiceable amount outstanding on the line.
  • There must be a value left to invoice.
Check the Issue (Publications) has been ticked Ready to Invoice
  • Go to Orders & Items > Publications, enter the Publication code and in the 4th tab Links go to Issues. Check that the issue you are trying to invoice has been the Ready to Invoice box ticked.
The Due Date on the order/contract line has not been reached
  • In the order/contract lines details check the due date has been reached or the standard payment schedule date reached in the Payment Terms tab of the order/contract screen.

An invoice/credit note document has not been set up
  • There must be an invoice/credit (communication) document set up to print to.



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