Creating a New Sales Payment Transaction

  • Go to Accounts > Sales Ledger > Sales Payments in the main menu bar.
  • In the Hot Area of the screen, click on the New Button in the Navigation Toolbar at the top.
  • A window will open with of a list of the Events/Publications set up, choose the appropriate one for the transaction you are creating.
  • In the Transaction Type field, search for the transaction type you wish to use, this is defaulted to SREC - Sales Receipt. For more information on transaction types, see  Transaction Types.
  • The home currency button can be used to switch between viewing values in the home or secondary currency.
  • The transaction date, year and period will be automatically filled in by the system but may be changed. The Period can be different to the date if necessary.
  • Click the green tick button to confirm and expand to the main transaction window.
  • In the Company Code field Search for the company you wish to link the transaction to and in the field next to this you can search for a contact code.
  • In the next three fields, enter the required information. The data entered here will depend upon the transaction type chosen.
  • In the Method field, search for a payment method for the transaction, e.g. V-Visa. Click on the expand button to enter additional payment details.
  • Enter the date the payment cleared.
  • In the Secondary Currency field, choose the relevant currency if appropriate. The exchange rate will already be entered as denoted in the Adding and Deleting Currencies window or the Event/Publication Set up.

  • You are now ready to enter Transaction Lines.

  • Click the New Button to the left of the grid. This will open the transaction line entry fields.
  • The line number box will appear, containing the next available line number. Click the tick button to accept this number.
  • The Nominal and Cost code fields will automatically be entered dependent upon what has been set up already for the Event/Publication and Transaction Type. These can be changed if necessary.
  • Enter the total value of the receipt/payment.
  • Click the Done button to return to the main page.
  • You can add a communication regarding this transaction by clicking on the Communications button in the top left hand corner of the screen.
  • Save any changes by ticking on the green tick button.
  • For more information on the fields of the Transactions window, see the Sales Payment Transactions help page.


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