Nominal Journals set-up

Journals record the movement of money. The nominal journal shows the nominal and cost codes of invoices/credits/payments. The invoices are shown as credits and the payments shown as debits.

To Add a Nominal Journal

  • Go to Accounts > Nominal Ledger > Journals in the main menu bar.
  • Click on the New Button on the Navigation Toolbar.
  • The next transaction code number will be added, along with the code for the nominal journal transaction type.

The window contains the following fields and buttons

Final Transaction Required

Tick this button if the transaction is to be finalised immediately after you update.

Tran. Date

The date the transaction was created, this will be automatically filled in when the new button is pressed.

Year and Period

The year and period the transaction is to be analysed to. This will be automatically filled in by the system to the transaction date but can be changed.

Auto Reverse

Ticked if the transaction is to be automatically reversed at month end.

There is a Reverse button in the bottom left hand corner to reverse the transaction i.e. to swap between a positive and a negative goods value if they have been entered incorrectly prior to finalisation.

Adding a New Line

  • Click on the New Button to the left hand side of the grid.
  • Click on the green tick button to accept the next line number.

  • Enter or Search for the nominal code required for the transaction.
  • The default event/publication code and default cost code will already be entered dependent on the event/publication you were working in when the transaction was created. These can be changed if necessary.
  • The description of the nominal code will be entered automatically in the comment field, this can be added to if required.
  • Enter the debit or credit amount.
  • Clicking on the Done button will return to the previous window and allow you to add more lines.
  • When all the lines have been added and the total value balances to zero, click on the green tick button to save.
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