Page Parameters

Mode (mode)

A Page is normally called without specifying any mode. This is the normal method and all the normal information is returned.

The mode should be passed as a parameter in the URL such as mode=DATA.

These are the valid modes:-

  • not set - Normal Mode (0)

Normal mode loads default Components

  • SIMP - Simple version (1)

This will return the relevant a simplified version of the page. It will include the Sub Template but exclude the Site and Main Template.
All JavaScript and CSS will be provided in such a way that it can be included dynamically if it is not already there
This is usually used to make AJAX calls for page content.

  • DATA - Data version of page (2)

This will only return the data using the Sub Template specified using the SubTemp Parameter. No JavaScript or CSS will be returned

  • XML - XML version of page (3)

Adds XML header and causes UDB lists to be returned in XML format. Needs the SubTemp containing surrounding Tag information

  • EMAIL - Email version of page (4)

CSS inline, No JavaScript, Links with user ID. This will default to the Email Sub Template but one should be specified.

  • EDIT - Edit page (5)

Same as normal mode but loads Edit Components and template

  • SIMP_EDIT (6)

Same as SIMP mode but loads Edit Components and template

Sub Template (subtemp)

This specifies the ID of a particular Sub Template to use instead of the default.

Action (action)

The Action parameter is used to instruct the page to perform a particular action prior to displaying the object.
These actions are predefined by the system

  • logout