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Help PageIssue Report
TypeMenu Item
TopicsPublishing, Reporting
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The Issue Report Page is used to create a Report on information related to Issues.

There is a number of options you can specify on this page to determine what is presented in the Report.

The First thing you must do is select the Report Type from the drop down selection.

  • General
  • Issue Analysis
  • Order Booking List
  • Production Schedule
  • Rep Report
  • Publication Analysis

The only option here that changes the conditions of the Report is Production Schedule. This allows you to specify which Contact Type is reported on as well as the usual Company Limit.

Other than that all the other options remain the same for all Report Types. 

The first box on the top left asks you to specify the Product you wish to report on, Issue From and To, and whether to include the Second Currency. Below this is the option to set a Company Limit, (and Contact type limit if Production Schedule is chosen).

To the right of this box you can select the Item Type. Below this you can place a Rep limit on the Report to only include orders belonging to a particular Rep.

Below these boxes are two additional drop down options allowing you to specify the Country and Demographics. 

After refining your options you can then select the Output to produce the Report in. Then simply click 'Run' and the Report will be created.

Other options may appear on the report as time goes by.