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How to add a 'new object form' button to your page.

There will come a time when you will want to add the option to a page to create a new object, for example add a person to a list. This is most simply done using the Ultimate Admin Area's wizard to create the form button and object. 

1. Create a data list, for example of people. Add a couple in Admin, just to check it's all ok.

2. Now in Admin go to the list and then click on the green 'Valid Links' icon, and select the middle button to run the 'Edit Wizard'. You can then also click the 'Title', 'Report' and 'Advanced' tick box options as required.

3. Click 'Recalc' if any changes.

4. Click the 'Use' button.

5. Click the 'Create' button, to generate the object and link.

6. You will be given a link to paste into your page... e.g. {INPUT_NEW(#:1622, 0,0,#:1649)}     

This will create a blue plus icon on your page, to show the add object form for that object type when clicked.