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LIST_NAV is an abbreviation of LIST NAVigation

Adds navigation options to a LIST Template.

List navigation options:

^CL Close List Button. Optional additional Parameters (Text, Title, Class)
^FP First Page Button
^PT Previous Ten Pages Button
^PP Previous Page Button
^CP Current Page Number
^TP Total Pages Number
^NP Next Page Button
^NT Next Ten Pages Button
^LP Last Page Button
^Q1 Page Qty 10 Button
^Q2 Page Qty 20 Button
^Q5 Page Qty 50 Button
^QA Page Qty 100 Button
^QE Page Qty 500 Button
^QJ Page Qty 1000 Button
^XS Query Selection Buttons. See List Parameter 4.
^TS Template Selection Buttons. See List Parameter 5.
^TB Text Box for Searching. Use with ([^TX,#AP1]) in the query.
You might also want to add OR '#AP1' = '' to the query so that it works if nothing has been entered into the text box.
Use the first parameter for the placeholder.
^DD(Relationship Type) Dropdown Selection to limit the list. Use with [[#AP1]] in the query. You can add a second boolean parameter to indicate if All/None are offered as options, a third parameter containing a query indicating the valid choices and a fourth as the default ID to use if one has not already been selected.
^D2(Relationship Type) This is the same as ^DD but works with Additional Parameter 2. Use with [[#AP2]] in the query.
You can also use ^D3 to ^D8 in the same way.
^DR Dropdown Reset Button
^MD(Relationship Type) Multi Select Dropdown to limit the list. Use with [[#AP1]] in the query.
^FN Number of First row on Page
^LN Number of Last row on Page
^TN Total Number of Rows
^B1 Index Lookup Buttons (Single Row)
^B2 Index Lookup Buttons (Double Row)
^B* Same as ^B1 but it includes an additional button for all entries
^BD Index Lookup Dropdown
^RF Refresh the List. You can add an optional parameter for the Display Text ^RF(Refresh)
^ET Edit Template Button
^NI New Item Button (and refresh the list on save)
^NE New Item Button (and go into the new item on save)
^ND New Item Button with Description
NI, NE and ND can all take up to four optional parameters (Display text, Title, Display Type, Edit Template ID)
^NL New Link Button
NL and LD can have four optional parameters (Display Text, Title, Option: D=Simple Display, Button Class)
^LD New Link Button with description
^LS List Sort Button
^DL Div List. Replace all the table, thead, tbody, tfoot, tr, th, td elements with div elements.
^RC Row Child Select Button Request
^RD Row Delete Button Request
^RE Row Edit Button Request. You can add optional additional parameters ^RE(Edit Template, Display Type)
^RL Row Delete Link Button Request. This can take three optional optional parameters. ^RL(Are you Sure text, Display Text, Button Title)
^RS Row Select Button Request
^HE Hide Edit Elements Button (See below for more details)
^[ ... ^] Use this to enclose a number of buttons in a button group

Hidden Edit Elements

You can have a list display without any edit options untill it is clicked, then the edit options appear as normal.
You can then use the Hide Edit Elements Button (^HE) to hide editing again.
To do this, add the ^HE button to the LIST_NAV area and surround the complete list template with an HTML div element with the classes "list-edit-toggle list-edit-off".
You will also need to add the class "list-edit-element" to any element that you want to hide, although the template generator should do this bit for you.
If you want the list to start with the edit elements visible then don't include the list-edit-off class.

Number Name Default Type Description
1 options ^FP^PT^PP Page ^CP of ^TP (Rows ^FN to ^LN of ^TN) ^NP^NT^LP ^Q1^Q2^Q5^QA String The layout of the navigation bar at the top of the list.
Use the Options in the main description.
Vanilla Vanilla Description Text
Strawberry Strawberry Description Text
Chocolate Chocolate Description Text
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