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Get an IOT List of entries, based on search criteria.

This will return TRUE if entries are found and FALSE if they are not.

Use with the IOT_FOR_EACH command to iterate through the list.

This command will always return TRUE or FALSE.

Number Name Default Type Description
1 dev_ids 0 String The IOT device ID or a comma separated list of device IDs to get the data for.
2 from_time String Specify the logged device time to search from.
3 to_time String Specifies the logged device time to search to.
4 flag 0 Integer Specifies a specific flag value to search for.
- page_num 1 Integer Specify the page number of the results to show, where the results span mutiple pages.
- page_size 100 Integer Specifies the number of results to show per page.
- query 0 Integer

Specify query fields from the table below, simply total the value of the field's.
e.g. For Device ID and System Time From, you would add 1 and 4 which gives 5.

Use Query Field
0 Automatic
1 Device ID
2 Device Time From
4 Device Time To
8 System Time From
16 System Time To
32 Flag
- order -1 Integer

Specify the order of the results. Use the value from the table below, and use a negative number to indicate reverse order. The default is for Date in reverse order.

Use Result Order
1 Device Time/Device ID
2 Device ID/Device Time
3 System Time/Device ID
4 Device ID/System Time
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