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Provide a Login Prompt with associated menu options once logged in.

Default option of 363 = 1 + 2 + 8 + 32 + 64 + 256 =
Edit Page
Admin etc.
My Account

The login form specified in the domain setup will be used.

Number Name Default Type Description
1 options 363 Integer


1 - Show Login Prompt (only if the account is logged out)
2 - Show Logout Prompt (only if the account is logged in)
4 - Show Username (only if the account is logged in)
8 - Show My Account Prompt  (only if the account is logged in)
16 - Show Logout with Name (only if the account is logged in) e.g. "Not John? Log out"
32 - Show Edit Options (only if the account is logged in)
64 - Show Administrator and Edit Options (only if the account logged in is an administrator)
128 - Menu Mode (render for inclusion in a drop down menu)
256 - Show Registration Prompt (only if the account is not logged in)

To help with the sum please use our calculator.

2 separator Carige Return String Separator to use between links
3 prefix String Prefix
4 suffix String Suffix
5 destination String Destination for the login form when loaded
- class String The Class to be applied to each login option

If your are logged out this will show a "Login" link and if you are logged in it will display a "Logout" link.

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