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This command is essentially a shortcut to the {RENDER_TREE()} Command with a few additional features.

The actual code generated for this command when a user is logged in is:

{RENDER_TREE({COID}, 0, 57, 0, 1)}
<div class="py-1">{INPUT_NEW({COID}, 2, #New_Comment_{COID}, 110, fa-comment, btn btn-primary btn-sm noprint, -2, {"title":"Add a comment"})}</div>
<div style="display:none;" id="New_Comment_{COID}"></div>

Number Name Default Type Description
1 obj_id Current Page ID Integer The root object ID
2 options 1 Integer Options:
1 = Allow Visitors to View Comments
2 = Notes Insted of Comments
16 = Emotion Voting on Comments
3 login-text String

The text to display if the user is not logged in.

The default for this will be different depending on weather visitors are allowed to view comments.

Either :
Login to add a comment.
Login to view or add Comments.

4 new_title Add a comment String New Comment Button Title Text
to add a Comment.