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This will Embed the contents of another object on to the page using AJAX.

You can use this when you want the content to be loaded after the main page has loaded. This will allow the main page to load and display faster.

Number Name Default Type Description
1 obj_id Integer The ID of the object to load
2 param String Any parameters to pass to the page
- class String Any classes to add to the div element that will contain the loaded content
- style display:none; String

Any CSS styles to add to the div element that will contain the loaded content.
If you wish the element to be hidden until the AJAX contents has been loaded then please ensure you also add display: none; with the CSS style that you are adding.

- method 2 Integer

The display method when loading the content into the page.

0 - Populate but don't show
2 - Show
4 - Slide Down
6 - Fade In

- id AJAX_***** String By default the ID of the AJAX element is AJAX_***** with the asterisks representing a unique reference that is given to the element. 
You can overwrite this ID by specifying your own element ID to populate when the AJAX loads.
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