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This command will add an object to the database and link it to an existing object in one command.

It is equivalent to using the OBJ_ADD command followed by the REL_ADD command. 

It will set the {ACT_SUCCESS} variable but not the {ACT_ID}.

Number Name Default Type Description
2 rel_type 0 Integer The ID of the relationship from the existing Object to the New Object.
Negative numbers will result in a parent link.
3 par_id 0 Integer The ID of the list where the new object is to be placed.
4 char_data1 String Character Data 1
5 char_data2 String Character Data 2
6 text_data String Text Data
- unique TRUE Boolean

Flag to indicate if a duplicate check is to be done on the new object before it is added.

If a duplicate is found then the link will be created to the existing object and a new one will not be created.

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