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Update an object on the database

Make sure you run the {OBJ_UPDATE_COMMIT} to update the changes.

This command can have an {END_OBJ_UPDATE} command.

In this case, the last parameter can be excluded from the arguments and the area between the {OBJ_UPDATE()} and {END_OBJ_UPDATE} will be used instead.

Number Name Default Type Description
1 obj_id 0 String ID of the Object you want to update.
You can also use the Parent List ID followed by a Colon and then Part 1 of the Object.
e.g. 1234:ABCD
2 obj_part String Object Part to be Updated.
If you proceed the part number with a ? then the update will only take place if the field is empty.
3 xml_field String XML Field Name
4 value String The new value
to add a Comment.