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When we Embed an object it will display the object along with its Sub Template or other components. The sub template may formating which will also be shown along with the original object.

You can use this to display the details of another object on the current page.

This is different to the OBJ_DATA command as it is designed to render the object in it's entirety including any sub-templates or other components linked to the object you are displaying.

You may be better advised to use Include as this will display the object without any additional sub templates or components.

Number Name Default Type Description
1 obj_id 0 Integer Object ID to embed
2 sub_temp 0 Integer Sub Template to Use
3 minutes 0 Integer Minutes cache age
4 mode 1 or 2 depending on user level Integer embed_mode: 1=normal, 2=include edit button on EMBEDed content?
Basic Example
COID Example
COID example to show thsat the coid is relevant to the embeded object and not the page it was called from.
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