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This displays a pop-up message for the user.

If the message is empty, nothing will be displayed.

Valid types are,

0 - Danger / Error
1 - Info
2 - Success
3 - Warning
4 - Primary
5 - Secondary
6 - Light
7 - Dark

Add 8 to the above number for a slightly more prominent box. So use 9 for a more prominent info box.

Valid positions are,

  • tl - Top left
  • tc - Top center
  • tr - Top right
  • bl - Bottom left
  • bc - Bottom center
  • br - Bottom right

You can also send notifications to other users by using the user_id parameter

Number Name Default Type Description
1 message String The message to display.
2 type_id 1 Integer The type ID of message to display.
3 position tr String Screen position of message.
4 duration -1 Integer The length of time in milliseconds to display the message. 0 is permanent and -1 is default.
Default (-1) is 15 seconds for a warning, 10 seconds for Info and permanent for anything else.
5 min_user_level 0 Integer The minimum user level to display the message to.
- user_id Current User Integer The ID of the user to send the notification to.

(Check the top right corner of your screen)

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