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This will generate a recursive tree structure of data.

Menus or Comment Areas are examples of tree structures.

We have added the Treeflex system from (https://dumptyd.github.io/treeflex/) and an example Sub Template so you could try the following on a test page.

<div class="tf-tree">
        <li>{RENDER_TREE({HOID}, 65, 243, 1, 0, {"tag":"ul"})}</li>

We have also added a tf-horizontal class that you can use instead of the tf-tree class to display the levels horizontally across instead of down.

Number Name Default Type Description
1 obj_id Current Page ID Integer The ID of the root Object ID
2 rel_id 0 Integer The relationship ID to use to traverse the tree
3 sub_temp 0 Integer The sub template to use when displaying the data
4 options 0 Integer

Any options to adjust the behaviour of the tree.

1 = Include Root Object

5 order 0 Integer

The order to display the items

0 = By Level/Alpha
1 = By ID

- class String Element Class
- style String Element Style
- tag div String The outer tag to apply to each object
- tag_in String

The inner tag to apply to each element

If the Outer tag is ol or ul then the inner tag will default to li.

to add a Comment.