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Displays a Calendar or Diary of events
Number Name Default Type Description
1 obj_id 0 Integer The ID of the List containing the entries.
This list should contain the date or date/time in part 1 or part 2
2 date_mode 3 Integer This tells the system how the date/time is stored on the Objects.
  1. Date/Time in Part 1
  2. Date/Time in Part 2
  3. From Date/Time in Part 1 & To Date/Time in Part 2
  4. From Date in Part 1 & From Time in Part 2
3 query String The additional query expression to limit the items.
This is part of a query expression to qualify the entries to be selected by the system.
It would look something like this: $C(^T=#:1234:^I=5886)
4 relobj String Relationship Expressions for new entries.
Data List of, or single Object Relationships sets.
- disp_expr Dependant on date mode String

This is an expression to tell the system how to display the entry.

It can simply be the number 1 or 2 for part 1 or 2 of the entry object.
It can be the name of an XML element on the item.
It can be some code that needs interpreting such as:
!!{OBJ_DATA(#:1234, 2)}.

The !! should be used to stop it being interpreted too early.

- sub_temp 0 Integer The sub template id to use to display the item when it is clicked on.
- color_expr String

This indicates the colour to use when display the entry.
It might look something like this: !!{OBJ_DATA(#:53487,3,diary_color)}
The !! should be used to stop it being interpreted too early.

- elem_id udb_cal String This is the HTML ID of the Calendar container. This is only necessary if you are displaying more than one calendar on a page.
- year This year Integer The opening year
- month This month Integer The opening month
- private_expr String

This is an expression that, when evaluated, should return true or false indicating that the entry is to be treated as Private so that only the user who created it can see it's details.

The !! should be used to stop it being interpreted too early.

- week_page 0 Integer Page number to go to when the week number is clicked
- week_param String

Additional Parameters to pass to the page when the week number is clicked

The system will pass the Date as "cal_date=yyyy-mm-dd" and the Week as "cal_week=nn"

- new_text fa-file-o String The text to display in the New Entry button in the top right
- options - Integer 1 = Disable Adding Calendar Entries. This disables the ability to add new calendar items by clicking the day name and the add button.
2 = Hide Week Numbers
- time_to String The XML Field name for the "Time To" for Date Modes 1, 2 and 4.
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