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This will perform a regular expression replace using either a list of expressions or a single expression.

If you use a list ID then the objects in the list defined by the submitted ID are expected to contain the following,

  • char_data1 - a regular expression (using the backslash \ as an escape character)
  • char_data2 - the replacement string
  • text_data - a string to append to the entire string after doing the replace

The order of objects in the list is important. Once a match is found, the replace is performed (and string appended if applicable), then the search begins again from the start of the list. Once no more changes can be made, the final string is returned.

This command can have an {END_REG_REP} command.

In this case, the last parameter can be excluded from the arguments and the area between the {REG_REP()} and {END_REG_REP} will be used instead.

Number Name Default Type Description
1 list_id 0 String ID of list containing regular expression definitions or a regular expression.
2 string String The string to process.
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