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BLINK is an abbreviation of Button LINK

BLINK will output a button on the page that links to another Object ID.

This is similar to the {LINK()} command, however this command adds the following Bootstrap classes to the link to make it display like a button.

  • btn
  • btn-sm
  • btn-light
Number Name Default Type Description
1 obj_id 0 Integer ID of object to link to
2 text Link String Text to be displayed on the link
3 param String Any parameters you want to pass to the page e.g. "A=1&B=2"
Entering the ID of an HTML form will cause the form values to be submitted as parameters. e.g. "#myform" - follow this with a ? and any additional parameters e.g. #myform?A=1  
4 bookmark String Adds a bookmark to the URL. A bookmark is a reference on the page so that the readers can jump to specific parts of a web page. It is defined on the page by using the ID reference, e.g. <DIV id="bookmark_link">. To use this you don't need to specify the # which you would use if you were writing this in a regular HREF link.
- class btn btn-sm btn-light String

Set the classes on the link.

e.g. btn btn-primary

- confirm String Ask a question before the link is executed.
- dialog_o {} String

A JSON string of Dialog Options. e.g. "{oText:'Done'}"

- dialog_x 600 Integer The width to display the dialog box. Only used with the tag target of DIALOG.
- dialog_y 500 Integer The height to display the dialog box. Only used with a target of DIALOG.
- friendly_name true Boolean

This can hold the values true, false.
Use false if this is a link for internal use and you do not need the system to look on the destination object for the friendly name. This will save processing time.

- id String An HTML ID for the element
- method 2 Integer

The display method when loading the content via {AJAX} into a page element.

0 - Populate but don't show
1 - Show / Hide toggle
2 - Show
3 - Slide Down / Slide Up toggle
4 - Slide Down
5 - Fade In / Fade Out toggle
6 - Fade In

- notify_d -1 Integer The duration to display the Notification for when using the NOTIFY target.
- notify_p tr String The position to display the notification in when using the NOTIFY target
- notify_t 1 Integer The Type of Notification to display when using the NOTIFY target.
See the {NOTIFY} command for more details.
- style String Element Style
- target String

Add a page target :-

#Element ID,

You can create an AJAX link by entering a # followed by the ID of the element to populate, ensuring you also add a style of display:none to the element.
If you just enter a # then a div element will be created immediately below the link.

- title String Adds a title to the link
Target with DIV ID Name Example
Div id name given as a target. Using the built in Bootstrap CSS p-2 to add padding to the outside as well as adding a width to the div to control the width that we have set to 300px in this example.

No ID name given for a target

Basic Example
This example create a basic link to this page. Clicking the button in the result tab will refresh this page.
Alternative Styling Example
to add a Comment.