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Exporting Data

UDB has an export feature that allows you to export all rows from a list or relationship in to CSV, XML or Tab delimited file download.

It has a number of options to allow you to tailor the output to suit your requirements but it does require a certain amount of knowledge on how your data is stored. Please make sure you understand the Details page before proceeding.

The formats for the export features are as follows:

For Lists:
https://your web address/live_udb_export.[xml, csv or txt]?list_id=obj_id&page_num=1&page_size=1000&options=255&relat=1234,5678

For Relationships:
https://your web address/live_udb_export.[xml, csv or txt]?rel_id=obj_id&page_num=1&page_size=1000&options=7

The options parameter affects the columns and layout. You simply add the values together to get to the required options.

List Options Relationship Options
1 = Include Header
2 = Include Friendly Name
4 = Include Created Date
8 = Include Amended Date
16 = Include Created User
32 = Include Amended User
64 = Expand XML
128 = Return Relationships as IDs
1 = Include Header
2 = Include Amended Date
4 = Include Amended User

The "relat" parameter on the List export is optional and it allows for a comma separated list of relationships that you want to include on the export. These can only be one-to-one relationships. So if you are exporting articles, you can specify the id of a relationship from the articles to the article type as an article can only have one type. You can specify a negative number for parent relationships. Option 128 will cause the column to contain the id of the related item rather than the name.

This will only work for users logged in as an advanced user or above. It will then only export data available to the calling user depending on their access level so if you are using this manually, you will need to be logged in as an administrator to access a list of Users etc.
If you are using this in an API then you will need to add a login key to the list of parameters so UDB knows what access you have.