Tutorial 0 - Introduction

This is a brief introduction to the UDB System, this is a system that has endless possibilities and uses so I will be making more of these tutorials to help you design different elements of your site.

1 - How to access the Admin Area.

To access the admin area go to account and check that dev mode is on, if dev mode is on it will say ‘Dev Mode Off’, if it is off it will say ‘Dev Mode On’, to turn it on or off simply click it. Once Dev Mode is on a new option will appear in the account menu, so go to Account > Admin. This will open the admin area. If you have never used the admin area before it will show the Sites list, here you can click on the site you want to access and it will take you to the Content and Component section.

2 - Content Section.

The content section holds things like the Main Pages, any lists you want displayed on the pages and any menu groups you want displayed on menus.

3 - Component Section.

The component section holds components that add to the content section. These are things like HTML templates, CSS style pages and JavaScript scripts.

4 - Lists.

Lists are sort of like files in windows, they hold data. There are 2 types of list; Data Lists and App Lists. Data Lists only hold Objects. App lists can hold Data Lists, Groups and Relationships but generally don’t hold Objects.

5 - Objects.

Objects are things like Pages or Products, they could be documents or reports uploaded by users.

6 - Groups

7 - Relationships.

Relationships are used to manipulate data, for example if I had a list of products and a list of product types I could define a relationship from Product to Product Type, this would allow me to define a product type when making a new product. I can then use this on my website to create a sort by function.