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To add or view document templates navigate to Maintenance > Document Templates and click on the  button under the Templates section.

This will bring up a new window with a variety of input fields. You can add a title of the template, the template type and the page header (these are created under the Blocks sections, more about that below). You can then type in the text of the document. Underneath this you can select the page footer and decide if you want to include a signature or not. 

At the bottom of the new window you can link the document to a product by clicking on the  button and then selecting the product code of the product, This means the document will appear in the documents section of any companies or contacts that are related to this product. You can also choose valid users meaning that only the people you have selected can use the template.

Finally you can select the language that the template is in and write any translations if needed. Click the  button to save your changes. 

On the right side of the page is the Blocks section. Here you can add pre-formatted text blocks to use in your document templates by clicking the  button

This opens a new window where you can write a title, the actual text, select a template type and give it an appropriate name. Click  button to save your changes.

Both the Templates and Blocks sections are divided into Tabs where you can view corresponding templates for specific types e.g. Statement or Invoice.