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Help PageOrder Report
TypeMenu Item
TopicsOrders, Reporting
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The Order Report Page is used to create a Report on specified information related to Orders.

To create an Order report you must fill in the required information. 

Firstly, on the left hand side of the page you must select the Product, you can choose an individual Product, 'Any of the Above', or 'None of the Above'.

Below this is the Option to specify the Order State: Editorial, Issue, Signed, Cancelled, Enquiry, Issue Invoice, Or Booked. You can also select 'Any of the above' or 'None of the Above'.

To the Right of the Page you can specify the Order Date From and To.

Below this you can also set an Item Type e.g. Advert, Classified, Digital, Editorial, Miscellaneous, Shell, Space, or Stand. Or you can select 'Any of the above' or 'None of the Above'.

There is also a dropdown below this to specify Order Created/Amended conditions. Here you can set 'Order Created From and To', 'Order Amended From and To', 'Order Created User' and 'Order Amended User'.

To the right of this is another dropdown menu that allows you to set conditions on Order Line Created/Amended. Here you can set the 'Line Created From and to', 'Line Amended From and To, 'Line Created User' and 'Line Amended User'.

At the bottom of the page there are two options to specify a Rep and a Company. 

Finally you just need to select the Output of the Report and then click 'Run' and your Report will be created.

Also, if you set an Order or Issue Date range, and then select Display Option dropdown, you can select a Monthly Analysis to get a quick dynamic report on the current status of orders by month.