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{LIST(root, rel_id, list_id, query, temp_id, disp_opt, page_size)}

Add a List to the Page
Number Name Default Type Description
1 root COID Integer Root Object ID.
Defaults to the Current Object ID
2 rel_id 0 Integer ID of Relationship to final item for reordering and Delete Link
3 list_id 0 Integer ID of list of objects to be displayed
4 query String Query, Use @#:id to reference a query stored on the database
5 temp_id 0 Integer List Template ID
6 disp_opt 5 Integer

Display Options:
1 - Header
2 - Show Image Title
4 - Nav on Top
8 = Nav on Bottom
16 = No link on first column
32 = No Delete Options
64 = No Edit options
128 = Input Form
256 = Excel

7 page_size 20 Integer Page Size
- columns String Columns (Comma separated Relationship_IDs)
- div_id String ID for DIV surrounding List
- ap1-4 String Additional Parameters (1-4)
- col_qty 1 Integer The number of columns to display
- add_relobj String

Data List of, or single Object Relationships sets to be applied when the new button is used.

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