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The Companies page is split up in to three areas. Details (Top Left), Addresses (Top Right) and Tabs (Bottom)

The Details area displays the Company Code, the Primary Name, the Web Address, a general email address such as enquiries@mycompany.com and the Company Type.
There is also a  button that you can use to create a New Order for this Customer.

The Address area displays a list of company addresses along with the associated contact numbers. Additional help for this section can be found here Company Address Record.

The Tabs show a number of different details relating to the company and are listed below.


The Details Tab has two sections. On the left you have information such as the Company Flags, Company Registration Number, Vat Registration Number, Vat Name, Source and Source Date.

On the right you have Link Information such as any the main currency of the company, the main language and any companies it is linked to for the purposes of Main Company, Advertising Agent, PR Agent or Invoice Company.

There are then potentially four other tabs indicating the companies that the current company acts for under the various roles as Parent, Advertising Agent, PR Agent or Invoice Company.