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Help PageCountry Record
TypeSecondary Record
See AlsoCompany Address Record

The Country page is a useful page to view all the companies linked to a particular country. The page is divided into three sections.

The top left section includes basic information on the country including the 'Name, Tel. Prefix, Post Code Position, Alpha 2 Code, Alpha 3 Code and the Language'.

The second section on the right contains information on the countries VAT, including VAT Region and VAT Registration Number.
It also has a button that will check the rep allocation for all companies in the current country.
Use this when you have changed the Rep territory allocation for a particular country.

The third section consists of two tabs as shown below.


The VAT tab displays a List of VAT codes for the chosen country. It includes the VAT code, type, rate, E.C Rate and Nominal Code.

The Nominal code in the list can also be used as a link to direct you to the Nominal Code Record page where you can find corresponding transaction lines for that code.

See the VAT code management page for more information.