Configuring Your Organisation

From Account and Organisation menu option you will see the Organisation configuration screen. Usually you would not need to adjust these settings without a specific requirement to change the properties. Naturally you will need to be an administrator to change any of these properties. Below is an example configuration screen.

The 'Organisation Backup' button, will create a backup of your organisation and notify you via email on completion.

To change any of the other Main Details, first select 'Edit Item' on the top right of this window. You will then see the same fields presented in a form where you can modify the values. See below.

Most of the fields are self explanatory 'Name' for company name, 'Contact Name' etc. But some require a little explanation.

'Application Status', advanced server configuration which describes how some internal settings are configured, should generally be left as originally configured when setup. Should you require further information on this setting please contact Ultimate DB.

'Google Client ID', is your unique ID for Google services for example login using Google ID. 'Facebook App. ID' & 'Facebook App. Secret', this is your Facebook Application ID and secret key to allow Facebook services such as login with Facebook. 

There are then thee Cron job options, 10 Min, 1 Hour and 24 Hour (runs at midnight) options and objects to run, buy their Object Id. e.g. 1137. 

'Post Item Comment Code', will run this code whenever a comment if made. The code run may for example email the comment to the correct staff member to deal with the comment. 

'Min. Password Length', sets the minimum length required for accounts on the site.

'Primary Administrator', allows you to set a specific administrator as the default main administrator.

Once you have made changes , select save. You will be returned to the Organisation configuration screen.

On the right of this screen you can see some additional tabs, 'Session Constants', Advanced Settings and Backup. Advanced settings has the same Cron options and Backup has no entries at present. Session Constants, describe the location of the associated library and site files path's for information purposes.