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Help PageEditorial Registration
TypeMenu Item
TopicsPublishing, Reporting
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The Editorial Registration Page is a useful page to view and edit information and Orders on all Issues under a certain Product. This is quicker than reports at finding information on your product as you do not need to specify any other options. 

Once you are on the Editorial Registration Page you will be able to see all your Products on the Left. If you click on a product, a List will appear on the right displaying all Issues under the Selected product.

If you then click on an Issue, a third box will appear at the bottom of the page. This box will include a List of all Orders in the selected Issue. The List presents-

You can also use this third box to add a New order or edit the Page Number, Booking Entry Number, and Order Value.
You can limit the list to particular item types such as Advert or Editorial by using the drop down box.

Some details in this list can also be used to Link you to other information about the selected Order.