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The Order page holds more details about a specific order. A pop up window will notify you here if there is a Communication Record about the Company information e.g. Bad payer.

At the top there are two sections, on the left you can see details such as the Order Number, Product and Company, Main Contact, Order Date and Rep links.
In the Order Number row there three buttons you can use to Generate an Invoice for that Order, enter a Payment or Refund and create an Order Communication.

If you are an Advanced User Level and the Order doesn't have any associated transactions then you can edit the Order and change the Main Company.

On the right you can see the Order State, State Date, Sub State, Discount and Currency. Below these sections are the following tabs: 

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The Documents tab can be used to view, edit and add additional Documents for an Order.

Created Documents can be found in a LIst on the right, the Document Name is visible along with who/where it is from.

You can create documents from document templates, more on that here: Document Templates. To create the document from a template click the template you want to make on the right hand side, You can then lock it or save it as a PDF. The document has now been created and you can access it by clicking it on the left hand side at any point.